CUMA Contemporary Utopia Management

I always get emails by ¨cˇu'm„a* presenting their projects. It is about time to link to their site and activities.

¨cˇu'm„a*is a non-profit contemporary art organization, aiming to activate urban and rural communities by creating contemporary art projects and acting as a mentor for art organizations and initiatives. ¨cˇu'm„a* is based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Their currant project Istanbul - Amsterdam Audio Tours is an attempt to draw different personal maps of metropolises, focusing on the subjective perception of urban environments and the impact of these environments on shaping this perception. The 2010 edition of the project was conceived with the idea to execute an audio tour prepared for a certain city, in another one. To what extent would these metropolises be similar? Could it be possible to make an audio tour for Istanbul that would fit another European city (and vice versa)? What would the complementary elements in both cities be? Would these be the immigrants, the sounds, some stories, a feeling or just a coincidentia oppositorum?