Shangri-La, projections of utopia

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Shangri-La, projections of utopia invites its audiences to travel to their own utopia, into a temporary space without beginning or end, to the legendary utopia in the depths of the Himalayas. They are contrasted in musical and visual terms with the real utopias of the present. The visual and acoustic structures that the travellers step into react to them in real time.

On stage:
Live: Wolfgang Dorninger (Electronics, Visuals), Georg Edlinger (Percussion), Phil Lipps (Guitar, vocals), Loten Namling (vocals), Yuki Streif (vocals), Alexander Leiffheidt (Stadtgang “The way to Shambala”)

Production: Josef Aigner (Metallarbeiten), Gabriele Kling-Dorninger (Kamera), Martin Bruner (Web-Design), Bundes (web-security), Theo Facey (3-D Modell), Isil Onol (Design Beratung)

Scenic Realisation & concept "Way to Shambhala: Alexander Leiffheidt
Idea/Conzept: Wolfgang Dorninger

Circus - Linz09

Date: August 13th & 14th 2009 - 9:00 PM

Ort: Linz, Parkanlage Anton Bruckner Universität, Wildbergstraße 18 in Linz/Urfahr, Österreich.

Tickets: Online-booking
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