We've made it!

I'm still not entirely sure how - changing light cues an hour before doors opened while Fadi smashed up his brand new Western Digital Players (who were doing anything but that) and brought in Linux and Mac machines to the rescue, god knows where from. All that after four hours of sleep. If you ever thought doing a Fringe show was bad, try doing a multimedia show.

But it all came together in the end - Phil and Yuki performed an awesome opening Shangri-La medley that drew the crowds into the space, then Loten sang his first song and enchanted everyone - George gave a fantastic performance both at the sail and in his crazy flying percussion machine, while Fadi kept it all together with his magic sounds and videos.

I'm really pleased with the way everything turned out, and with the great team we put together in so few days: Milan our light designer, Roland the sound engineer, Ingo the video engineer, our great stage crew Verena, Maxi and Pascal, George who built the rigging, Joseph the percussion engineer - not least Iris, the production manager, and especially Gabi, without whom we all would have been utterly lost. Everyone worked great together and contributed with their own ideas and creativity to making it all happen. And the people loved it.

Good stuff.