Utopianise yourself.

Shambhala is a place where people live prosperously and peacefully, in harmony with each other and with nature. Shambhala’s inhabitants are full of wisdom and love, live practically forever and don’t know the first thing about mortgages or failing pension schemes. Contrary to most ideas of paradise, Shambhala is generally thought of as a place on this earth, as the people of Shambhala will one day leave their hideaway and come to save us from the terrible mess we created.

The name and the story of Shambhala originally stem from Asian philosophy, but similar concepts can be found in most cultures of the world including the Western tradition. Unfortunately, the various reports about Shambhala have been rather vague as to its location. To find it, have a quick look around the Himalayas, and failing that, check the Gobi desert, the Hunza Valley in Pakistan, the Kunlun mountains in Tibet, some remote regions of India, Nepal, China or North Afghanistan. If you still haven’t come across it by then, you may want to try the centre of the earth – considering circumstances, the odds are a lot better there than in present-day Pakistan.

While the destination may be out of the way a bit, the beginning of your way to Shambhala is relatively easy to find. It is right here. Yes, that’s right. It may not look it (we built it ourselves), but this website is the beginning of your very own way to Shambhala. It’s free, and you don’t have to join a sect, recite ancient verses or burn incense until your neighbour sends in the fire fighters.

All you need to do is download our instant mobile utopia .

We call it “instant’, but strictly speaking that’s a lie as it will take you about twenty minutes to build it. If you can’t really spend that much time on saving the world, tell us at least where to look . And if you want to be kept up to date when we’ve finally found the way to Shambhala, register your mobile phone when you create your account and you will be amongst the chosen few who will know.

Your way to Shambhala starts here. Enjoy the ride.